Why rose tinted glasses, lead to joy

“When we make feeling good a priority, everything changes—our individual lives change, and social systems change. How we make and spend money changes. How we teach and learn changes. How we love changes.” Danielle Laport

Confidence in Three Two One……..

Confidence is found in how you see yourself, not how others see you, and guess what? this can be changed easily from the inside out, but not so much from the outside in.

How to embrace your inner Superpower in 5 mins

Ever feel like you could just do a Thelma and Louise? Motivation has hidden itself so well, no amount of hands down the side of sofa’s or checking the trash bin will find it? Cant see the tunnel, let alone the light at the end of it?

Enter the power pose!!!!!!!!

How to go from anxious to calm in 6 easy steps

For many of us, anxiety is something we all have in our lives at one point or another, it can come and go in times of stress or change.

Anxiety may be a natural part of life, an important messenger from our body and mind, telling us that some kind of action is required; fight or flight. Anxiety however can become a nuisance to say the least! and have a dramatic effect on our every day life when our body and mind is perceiving there to be threats around every corner.
Not only is it exhausting to be living in this state of fight or flight all the time, your body is having to take resources away from other non-essential bodily functions in order to supplement this constant anxiety, resulting in illnesses such as IBS and Migraines, etc.

Reaching out for help is essential when anxiety gets to this level, to create solid long-term results. However, sometimes we just want a bit of silence, rest and peace, right now! if only for an hour just to regain some clarity and control.