How to go from anxious to calm in 6 easy steps

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For many of us, anxiety is something we all have in our lives at one point or another, it can come and go in times of stress or change.

Anxiety may be a natural part of life, an important messenger from our body and mind, telling us that some kind of action is required; fight or flight. Anxiety however can become a nuisance to say the least! and have a dramatic effect on our every day life when our body and mind is perceiving there to be threats around every corner.
Not only is it exhausting to be living in this state of fight or flight all the time, your body is having to take resources away from other non-essential bodily functions in order to supplement this constant anxiety, resulting in illnesses such as IBS and Migraines, etc.

Reaching out for help is essential when anxiety gets to this level, to create solid long-term results. However, sometimes we just want a bit of silence, rest and peace, right now!  if only for an hour just to regain some clarity and control.

1.  Essential Oils

If you have never tried essential oils, or even if you have, these can have an amazing effect on relaxing your body. Recommendations include; Lavender, Frankincense, Clary sage, and Bergamot. (however please get medical advice if you are pregnant or are thinking of using for young babies)

2. Breath!

Yes i can hear you saying, i already do!! But start to notice the times when you are feeling very anxious, are you holding your breath?

Take in 10 deep breaths, breathing in to the count of 5 and out for the count of 7, focusing fully. With each breath in, imagine the clean fresh air    clearing your body, and with each exhale of breath releasing the anxiety and worry.

3.Slow everything down

 You will already be partly there if you did number 2, but now try to consciously slow down your heart beat and your thoughts. Recognise what is going on in your head, slow it down and replace it with a positive affirmation.  “Every cell in my body is relaxed and oozes calmness, each breath I take soothes”.

4. Get up, and jump up and down!

Shake your hands and your feet for a couple of minutes, have you own little dance party! By doing this you are releasing the energy that anxiety creates, at one time we would have literally been running away, or fighting our fear, (possibly a lion!) so would have released the hormones and energy through our “action”. Nowadays our fears are not often things that require a physical action, but our bodies still react in the same way, by creating hormones that need to be released through movement of some kind.

5. Distract yourself

Do something completely different from what you are doing, something that takes all of your focus. Read a book, listen to some music, go for a walk; do things that make you happy. Do something that involves your thoughts so you are unable to think of anything else. It may take a bit of practice as your thoughts may come back to the subject causing you anxiety, but simply let it come in and then back out, and refocus on what you were doing.

6. Imagine

where in your body you feel the anxiety and try to describe it fully. Is it like a knot in your stomach? A hard ball in your chest? A heavy weight on your shoulders? Is it in colour? Once you have located its position and pictured it, i want you to change the colour of it to black and white in your mind, in order to remove the emotion attached to it. I then want you to imagine moving the location down through your body until it is in your hand, tighten your grasp around it as hard as you can and then release…..and as you do imagine turning your back and walking away, so that you get further and further until it is just a dot in the distance, behind you in the past.

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