How to embrace your inner Superpower in 5 mins

Ever feel like you could just do a Thelma and Louise?
Motivation has hidden itself so well, no amount of hands down the side of sofa’s or checking the trash bin will find it?
Cant see the tunnel, let alone the light at the end of it?

Enter the power pose!!!!!!!!

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Superhero Girl Standing with Cape Waving in the Wind Silhouette

It has been shown that if you stand in a power pose position such as this, yes actually stand in it, hands on hips, head held high, shoulders back, legs in powerful position steady and ready to take on the world. Hold this position for 5 mins, then tell me how you feel?

Come on full participation is required, no one can see you…and you know you want to!

This is the body mind connection, the two are interlinked, the body standing in a powerful position simulates chemical responses, to feel confident exhilarated and motivated. Equally the connection can work the opposite way. This is how we can help people with physical feelings, actions and pain through the mind. Have you ever cut your finger and not realized? it is only when you “see it” that it starts to hurt? this is the body mind link, the mind has seen an injury so stimulates chemicals which tells the body that it hurts. If your mind can stimulate chemicals to create pain, it can equally stimulate chemicals to release pain.

And yes they all use the power pose! and by all I mean anyone who has achieved in their life….if its good enough for the goose


Now you have the power! still can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel? time to bloody well march down there and turn it on yourself!

                                         blissful life starts with a blissful mind          Wendy x

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