Why rose tinted glasses, lead to joy

Happy Woman on Beach


“When we make feeling good a priority, everything changes—our individual lives change, and social systems change. How we make and spend money changes. How we teach and learn changes. How we love changes.” Danielle Laport

everyone does everything for one of two reasons, to gain pleasure or to avoid pain. Take a look at your life, how often are you choosing gain pleasure, over avoiding pain?

Let me ask you this, how many times do you do things that make your heart and your eyes light up, that bring utter joy to your life?  I ask this same question to a lot of my clients, not how often, but what, what lights you up? so many don’t even know.

If you go and get your hair done, why are you doing this, is it for pleasure, does it makes you feel good, happy, do you enjoy the process? the pampering the interaction, the end feeling from the result. Or are you avoiding the pain, of not feeling good if your hair does not look good, feeling judged on your appearance? Possibly a mixture of both. But does it light you up?

When you speak to someone and ask what they love, it can possibly take a few moments, of them thinking and mulling through possibilities, but when they find it, it can seem as if it was a lost treasure they forgot about. To see their eyes light up, at the mere thought you know the truth, the passion and the lightness this activity brings.   I spoke to one lady and her answer was to read, her eyes lit up as she spoke of the excitement of enveloping herself within a story, and even when it needed to be put down, the excitement stayed at the thought of when she could pick up that book and continue reading again.

doesn’t that one joy, that knowledge of what is to come, lighten everything else. The washing up is easier at the thought of picking up that book again after, you can skip through work, knowing of what you can do later. Imagine when you are going on holiday, a lot of the excitement is the whole run up, the preparation, and even work or the avoidance of pain in any form just seems nicer at the prospect of joy at the end of it.

But let us take this a step forward, what if you focused your life on feeling pleasure, how different would it be? If 50 or 60 or 70% of your life involved pleasure, with just an intermittent shaving of avoiding pain thrown in, the shopping? clean the toilets lol, what if what you did for your living everyday lit up your soul?

prioritize your feel good factor….and everything will change

“the point of life is happiness” The Dalai Lama

If you feel good, you go along in life, with your rose-tinted glasses on, everything begins to look wonderful. You create a positive filter for yourself, for you to perceive the best the positive the wonderful in the world. Your map of the world which creates the choices you make is developed from your perception of the world and your perception of the world is developed from how you feel.

My challenge to you, find what lights you up, and do more of it. I believe we all have a purpose, something we are meant to contribute to this world, but it is not meant to be a chore rather it is meant to also light us up, as when we beam in what we do, we are also so much more effective in what we do. When someone is excited and enthusiastic about what they do, are you not drawn in by them?

If we all followed our path to our bliss, we would find our purpose in life, there are so many roles to fulfill, and we are all different, we will all find our bliss in different places.

Find your purpose, do what makes you feel good,and leave the avoidance of pain to the person who defines that same role as their bliss. We are just one big jigsaw, stop trying to fit yourself into someone else’s piece and find exactly where you fit, as you are needed exactly where you are meant to be, to complete the picture.

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A blissful life starts with a blissful mind, love Wendy x

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